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Chiano Sky

Models enjoy a good bit of music whenever they’re in a shoot. It stimulates them and makes the posing easier. But Chiano Sky is unique because she models and she can provide her own song. This South African sensation is also a recording artist, with […]

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Alina Buchschacher

Check any movie house today and chances are, a superhero flick is on. It’s awesome but it gets tiring for a while. What we do have here though is a real life heroine, because Alina Buchschacher once saved a boy from drowning in a pool. […]

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Chloe Moet

Get ready to make a toast for this fine female. Chloe Moet is one of Playboy’s Amateur beauties but she’s all pro in our eyes. That unique look comes from the fabulous combination of Japanese and Irish ancestries. Who knows how her folks met – […]

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Casey Connelly

Make no mistake about Casey Connelly. She may be familiar with getting down and dirty, but she can still put you in your place. Growing up in the Sonoran desert with her brothers, she became the tough lady that she is now. That fortitude allowed […]

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Maria Fowler

It seems like we haven’t explored all the beauties that ‘The Only Was is Essex’ has to offer. We haven’t seen Maria Fowler featured in the Mansion and now’s as good as a time to do it. Apart from reality TV, Maria is also a […]

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Caroline Corinth

We’ll end this week with a Danish supermodel who goes by the name of Caroline Corinth. She’s so fine and sweet, just enough to make you squirm in your chair in just a matter of seconds! She made her debut at the Copenhagen Fashion Week […]

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Nicci Pisarri

Who knows when we’ll be seeing Nicci Pisarri do what she does best again. According to her Facebook fanpage, she’s not accepting any work right now. It’s a shame really, seeing that Nicci can really make a difference in the world. For the downtrodden, they […]

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Diana Penty

There’s plenty to be admired from the Mumbai miss known as Diana Penty. She took the reins from Deepika Padukone for Maybelline and eventually became the face of Garnier as well. Being fully hot, Diana soon found herself in plenty of acting roles in Bollywood.

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Karen Carreno

Unlike many other items of clothing, lingerie is inherently sexy. But when girls like Karen Carreño wears them, then it’s a different story altogether. The Colombian is no stranger to the Mansion and every time she pays a visit, it’s a grand occasion. We won’t […]

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Kamilla Salgado

While being in the Big Brother house might good for budding showbiz types for exposure, it didn’t help Kamilla Salgado’s fight against the bulge. That’s perfectly understandable, since being confined in a house full of strangers won’t be doing your confidence levels any favors. Fortunately, […]

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