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Rita Ora

Sweet is the word which I think suits Rita Ora. She herself and her singing, both are outstanding. Her first album Ora rocked the charts with three number-one singles “Hot Right Now”, “How We Do (Party)” and “R.I.P.” It received three nominations at the 2013 […]

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Gabriela Rabelo

Starting the week strong is the proper way to go. And we get strong when we see babes like Gabriela Rabelo do what they do best. She’s a lingerie model and her latest project for Valisere looks promising. The teasers for that project look good, […]

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Amy Willerton

Will Britain by Great again in the Miss Universe pageant? That remains to be seen. The Kingdom will be represented by Amy Willerton. She’s a professional model who dabbles in acting as well. Her rift with Katie Price is well-documented – could it be the […]

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Karlina Caune

Ford Supermodel Search’s qualifications are understandably high, but Karlina Caune simply smashes all their set standards. She won the 2010 edition of the contest and has been working steadily since then. Her latest project involves an editorial with fellow model Nadia Bender called ‘Bathing Beauties’ […]

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Carmen Brundler

Shopping in Switzerland is quite the experience. You’ll be treated with the finest watches, the sweetest treats and the loveliest of women. Just look at Carmen Brundler, who was discovered by an agent while she was out spending some cash in Nafels. Cosmo’s hair division […]

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Audrey Aleen Allen

From the mountains of Colorado comes the fascinating Audrey Aleen Allen, Playboy’s Miss June 2013. She’s had modeling gigs before but it’s her first time baring it all for Playboy. Audrey loves to travel, but at the end of the day, a nice home-cooked meal […]

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Carol Dias

She could be dancing to the tune of a thousand jackhammers pumping away and it would still be sexy as all hell. Carol Dias loves to put on a show for her man because she thinks it’s sexy. But who are we kidding? She doesn’t […]

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Simone Kerr

While we may be far-too-familiar with the other model with the same last name, it’s about time we get acquainted with Simone Kerr. Like Miranda, she’s also Australian and she isn’t too bashful revealing her body, the way she came into the world. Simone is […]

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Diany Morell

She could be rubbish in the kitchen but that will never really matter. If the chef looks like Diany Morell, then it would be all good. She could burn the toast to coal but if its served over her gorgeous body, nobody will dare pass […]

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Xenia Deli

Her last visit to the Mansion was almost hard to top. Keyword there is almost, because Xenia Deli has a habit of going above and beyond her last appearance. This is still part of her Bare Necessities gallery and every bit is as interesting as […]

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