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Natasha Barnard

It’s surprising to know that it’s the first time that Natasha Barnard will be shining her beauty inside the Mansion. This debut is nothing short of spectacular because this model is simply extraordinary. She’s a small town girl who dreamt big and is achieving success […]

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Candice Swanepoel

So what’s your position regarding a beautiful woman getting a few changes to her physical appearance to look a bit different? A lot of people are speculating that Candice Swanepoel, as perfect as she is, got a couple of cosmetic procedures to enhance her beauty. […]

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Melissa Baas

Chill out and have a drink in the Mansion. It’s a hundred times better if you’re doing shots with Melissa Baas, looking cool and hot at the same time. The Dutch model won Benelux’s Next Top Model in 2010 and she’s now under Elite Models […]

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Marlene Favela

August 5 went by and we missed greeting Marlene Favela on her birthday. For that, we’re truly sorry. But she’s the one who’s kind enough to give us a present, in the form of a recent project for H para Hombres Magazine. We haven’t seen […]

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Barbara Barreto

Brazil and Germany has had an interesting history of togetherness. Think Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barichello in their heyday in Ferrari – those dudes are from those two countries. That union is also happening for Barbara Barreto. She’s Brazilian but she’s based in Germany right […]

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Sofia Zamolo

Art is her passion and Sofia Zamolo is definitely a masterpiece all on her own. The Argentine model makes her first visit to the Mansion and she’s making it worth your while. Apart from modeling, Sofia is an avid dancer and was even a finalist […]

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Davinia Pelegri

It’s not a hidden fact that Latinas owe their beauty to a variety of European lineages and Spain is one of the primary sources. Think of all the babes from the Spanish-speaking nations that we’ve featured and you’ll know what we’re talking about. Davinia Pelegri […]

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Evgeniya Rudaya

Let’s focus our attention back to Russia and her many beautiful daughters. The country will be the center of attention for the next coming weeks (if not already) because of the recent turn of events. But we won’t linger on political issues because we’re not […]

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Irina Shayk

It’s fair to say that everybody likes Penelope Cruz as an actress and a model. But what if she dips her toes in design and film directing? That’s exactly what she did with the new video for L’Agent starring Irina Shayk and Penelope’s real-life husband, […]

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Lindsay Wagner

To say that Playboy changed a lot of lives is like saying Anthony Wiener is naughty. Before she started posing for the magazine, Lindsay Wagner has never even been on a plane. But thanks to her natural beauty, she was jetting from Omaha to Los […]

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