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Isis Stocco

Being compared to another person is sometimes a minor annoyance. Unless of course you’re being compared to somebody who’s massively famous worldwide. Just as the case for Isis Stocco. The Brazilian beauty has often been likened to Natalie Portman. In the list of most gorgeous […]

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Raica Oliveira

Third time’s a charm for Raica Oliveira in the Mansion. But she’s not indoors – far from it in fact. She’s by the beach, proudly waving the Brazilian flag and looking all sexy and beautiful. There’s incredible substance beneath all that beauty that’s Raica though. […]

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Daniella Dior

One look at the abbreviation of this babe’s name and you know that she means business. Really sexy business with class to match as well. Daniella Dior is a Playboy hottie that’s actually a busy bee. She does a lot of things – modeling, hosting […]

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Kat Torres

Don’t be fooled by her seemingly common name. Kat Torres is anything but common, because she’s beautiful and so much more. Her full name is Katiuscia Torres Soares, but Kat is very easy to pronounce so she goes by that. Surprisingly, she didn’t like to […]

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Nathalia Bodenmuller

Models have the distinct advantage of knowing what looks good for them and for other girls as well. And if said model has an eye for design, like Nathalia Bodenmuller, then her creations would certainly find the right market. Sadsa Art by Nathalia is a […]

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Maritza Veer

At this point, we’d ask you to politely veer your attention towards this beautiful South African model. Maritza Veer is a fashion model who’s quite familiar with more exotic shoots. That’s really short of saying that Maritza is more than happy to reveal even her […]

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Imogen Thomas

Former Miss Wales, former Big Brother contestant and glamour model and now, Imogen Thomas can add a whole new entry to her amazing resume – that of being a Mom. That’s right, the voluptuous babe has already given the world another baby. But this didn’t […]

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Marina Golysheva

Pity that I can’t read Cyrillic or I would have a lot more information about Marina Golysheva. Nevertheless, Google tried its best to translate and from what I’ve gathered, Marina here is a model. The translation suddenly went sour so I had to improvise. She’s […]

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Genevieve Morton

Somebody who certainly knows how to handle social media properly is the sexy South African Genevieve Morton. She keeps her Twitter and Instagram followers on their toes with different posts every now and then. Some posts are just too sexy that people fear for the […]

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Tanya van Graan

Prepare to have a grand time seeing this beautiful South African beauty. Tanya van Graan was named the Sexiest in the World in 2007 by FHM South Africa and that’s possibly one of the strongest validations of her good looks. But Tanya is also an […]

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