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Danielly Silva

Christmas can be interpreted in any number of ways, but we prefer the cute and sexy kind. Like when babes as beautiful as Danielly Silva dress up in their most sensual Santa outfits. The undeniable allure of the Brazilian physique is only magnified with a […]

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Lauren Mellor

It wouldn’t be a surprise if you can count in one hand how many models have a Psychology degree under their belts. That’s no disrespect for models in general but the fact is that you don’t actually need that particular degree. But Lauren Mellor is […]

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Rosie Nixon

Once again, a beautiful lady helps sell an alcoholic product and the results are fantastic. Foster’s Beer tapped the services of the lovely Rosie Nixon for one of their campaigns. The commercial was a success, because it had all the formula needed for a proper […]

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Danielle Sharp

Another babe that’s definitely deserving of a warm Mansion welcome is Danielle Sharp. The British glamour model and centerfold makes her debut visit and we couldn’t be happier. With a keen eye on fashion and an abundance of natural beauty, Danielle is certainly an authority […]

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Martina Torkosova

Crool Swimwear may sound mean, but they are actually good people. I say that with conviction because they’re nice enough to get Martina Torkosova as their newest model for their latest campaign. The towering Slovakian sensation stands nearly six feet tall but she has the […]

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Elbe Van der Merwe

Making the most of whatever life has thrown at her is Elbe Van der Merwe. She makes sure that she doesn’t miss a moment and you can actually find out what she’s been up to in her Twitter page. Alright, Elbe hasn’t been dealt with […]

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Moran Atias

Roberto Cavalli is a giant in the fashion industry and he showed that his taste in women is impeccable. He was the one who discovered Moran Atias and that fortuitous event led to her superstardom. That’s certainly no accident because this Israeli babe is destined […]

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Nina Agdal

The Mansion starts the week with the best way imaginable – with the presence of Nina Agdal. Words cannot possibly contain all the positiveness and correct energy that the Dane puts out. Day in and day out, Nina exudes hotness and we’re lucky enough to […]

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Alina Nine

Pity that her last name is spelled the same way as the digit that comes prior to what they say as the perfect one. I’m pretty sure though that this particular family name is pronounced differently. Alina Nine comes from Bucharest, Romania but calls Paris, […]

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Nanis Ochoa

Daniela is what her parents christened her with, but we’d rather call her with her more popular monicker. Nanis Ochoa makes her inaugural visit to the Mansion and it’s such a welcome sight. One of the ‘Eagle Girls’ of the Aguila Beer Company, Nanis made […]

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