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Olga Maliouk

Sometimes, things just match perfectly: scotch and cigar, bacon and eggs, Olga Maliouk and Blush Lingerie. The Mansion’s doors are swinging wide open for this ultra-sexy Ukrainian and we’re expecting plenty more from her. Meantime, these new super sensuous stills should leave us satiated.

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Xenia Deli

More hanky panky form the lovely Xenia Deli. It’s her first visit to the Mansion and she deserves our warmest welcome. She’s blazing through the stratosphere at astronomical speeds and that surprises no one. The Moldovan bombshell has been blessed with awesome gifts and she’s […]

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Chrissy Teigen

The legendary 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue has yielded so many treasures that we haven’t covered half of it yet. Within its pages are some of Chrissy Teigen’s sexiest work so far. Before tying the knot, she wanted to know the feeling of shooting with […]

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Irina Shayk

Ready for another season of hot and steamy weather? I’m sure some people couldn’t wait for the cold spell to be over. Meantime, here’s Irina Shayk with more iceberg-melting photos from various campaigns. That includes the ones from XTi shoes and there’s absolutely nothing to […]

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Maria Patricia Montoya

Name the product and chances are, Maria Patricia Montoya has modeled it. From intimate wear to tech gizmos, she’s been an excellent salesperson. But her specialty must be exhibiting lingerie and swimwear because that’s where her true assets really shine. And by assets I mean […]

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Ciara Price

Hard to believe but Ciara Price is a self-confessed ‘closet geek.’ She’s rather adept in computers and is well-versed with tech stuff. But that doesn’t mean she’ll be doing a ‘Bar Refaeli’ (remember the Go Daddy commercial?) and go out with a tubby dude. She […]

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Isabela Soncini

Call it stereotyping but certain girls just make the best lingerie model. Case in point is Isabela Soncini. The Brazilian babe can rock those intimate wear like nobody’s business. Even those dastardly awful granny panties look sexy when Isabela’s wearing them. She can also wear […]

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Caroline Corinth

I really cannot think of a better way to start this manic Monday other than sharing these brand new photos of Caroline Corinth from the new Victoria’s Secret swimwear collection. She started modeling at the very young age of 15 and even though this is […]

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Livia Brito

Let’s see just how many stories of ‘love triumphing over everything’ will come out after Thursday. In case you’re wondering, that’s Valentine’s Day. Livia Brito starred in a Mexican telenovela titled ‘Triunfo del Amor’ and that pretty much sums up what the story was all […]

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Katherine Webb

Had to research what the scripture says in Katherine Webb’s Twitter account. It goes something like ‘you should let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good deeds and glorify God.’ Of course, this won’t be appealing to everybody, but the […]

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