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Juliana Saldarriaga

Another muse from Medellin blesses us with her bountiful beauty in the person of Juliana Saldarriaga. Why we haven’t heard of her before really escapes me. But nevertheless, she’s here in the Mansion now and that’s all that matters. Juliana has modeled for several top […]

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Thamika Morais

Exactly one year ago, the Mansion welcomed a lady with the Morais last name. But it was Camila, who’s a frequent visitor of ours. Here to make her maiden visit to the Mansion is Thamika Morais. The Brazilian beauty is relatively new to the fashion […]

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Laura Archbold

Judging on her name alone, you wouldn’t guess where Laura Archbold is from. Her first name is quite common for a Latina, but her last name isn’t typical for a lady from Colombia. The lovely coed from the University Jorge Tadeo Lozano of Bogota took […]

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Gigi Hadid

No stranger to the spotlight, Gigi Hadid will get an even broader audience now that she’s featured in the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She’s the daughter of Yolanda Foster, of the Real Housewives fame, and stepdaughter of the music titan David Foster. But Gigi […]

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Alyssa Miller

In the whole time that Alyssa Miller was absent from the Mansion, a lot has certainly happened. That is to be expected, given the stature of this model. She’s done a whole bunch of stuff, literally. Campaigns here, editorials there, it seems like photo shoots […]

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Cora Skinner

Get ready gents, only a few days from now ’til Valentine’s Day. Some may be aware but others could be clueless so we’ll do our part to remind you. While we won’t be posting girlie V-Day gifts, we’ll be showcasing lovely babes instead. Like Cora […]

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Iris Kavka

Opening up your own, personal irises could be a real pain today, given that it’s a Monday and the temperature’s really pleasant. But we’ll help you with that, by bringing babes like Iris Kavka to our fold. This European fashion model has been in the […]

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Anais Pouliot

Blessing the Mansion with some much-needed French-Canadian love is the spectacularly gorgeous Anais Pouliot. She was born to be a model, because on her very first visit to an agency, Anais was hired on the spot. Obviously, she was destined to be a star so […]

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Tahnee Atkinson

Everybody loves a winner and we certainly love Tahnee Atkinson. Though her former contestants in the fifth cycle of Australia’s Next Top Model weren’t really that warm towards her. It’s no surprise because it was a contest after all, and it was every girl for […]

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Lucy Pinder

The answer is always immediately ‘naughty’ when you’re asked if you’ve been asked by Santa Claus about your affairs for the year. That’s especially true, when you’re faced with babes like Lucy Pinder on a regular basis. Though we can’t say that she’s a frequent […]

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