Booker’s 25th Anniversary Bourbon

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Frederick Booker Noe II has been gone for a decade now but his legacy lingers on. He was master distiller for Jim Beam for forty years and this opened a lot of possibilities for him, including the introduction of the Small Batch Bourbon Collection. For the 25th anniversary of Booker’s, the artisans are introducing this special edition bourbon. Aged for 10 years, this whiskey comes at a potent 130.8 proof. Some of the barrels used into concocting this drink were the last ever to be seen personally by Booker himself. The resulting drink is of the no-frills variety – uncut, unfiltered and served in an elegant bottle. You’ll be treated to tastes of cinnamon and tobacco, with a smoky finish. Only a thousand cases will be available so needless to say, you better get yours immediately. $100.

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