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It’s a widely-believed idea that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. If you think about it, the same can be said as far as electronic circuits are concerned. And when you limit the distance between two elements in an audio circuit, then you’re effectively making a better system since you’ll be cutting out the potential distortion and signal interference. That’s what the engineers at Ayon Audio did for their latest mono power amplifier. The Ayon Orthos XS features a totally redesigned circuit with less wiring distances across the whole system. They concentrated on shortening circuit distances in the gain and power stages for a clean output. Ayon engineers even decreased the distances in the copper paths on the circuit boards for the purest of sound that only monoblock amplifiers can deliver. The Orthos XS run on vacuum tubes and can operate on triode or pentode modes, depending on the loudspeakers that you plan on hooking this up with. Specs-wise, the amp delivers 150W in triode mode and 250W when switched to pentode mode. It has an ultra wide frequency range, at 15-40,000 Hz with a 98 decibel signal-to-noise ratio when cranked to full power. Each one weighs 59 kilograms and the KT88 vacuum tubes can be swapped to KT150s if you feel like ramping up the power even more. $35,000+.

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